Refrigerant Supply

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Important Changes to our Refrigerant Supply

It is important for Dean & Wood to ensure you have the best possible options available with regard to the supply of refrigerants. To enable this Dean & Wood has decided to no longer single source refrigerants and instead to partner with reputable and reliable suppliers such as HARP International and National Refrigerants Ltd. This will allow a large portfolio of products available to you, competitively priced, technically supported and wrapped up in an unrivalled distribution service.

With this in mind, you may notice slightly different sized cylinders. For instance, a R410A ‘large’ cylinder could be filled to 49kg or 46kg. Please rest assured the price per kg will be identical whichever type of cylinder the refrigerant is supplied in. The cylinder sizes and fill weights can be found below.

A part of this unrivalled support package is FGAS Manager. This unique cylinder management system is free of charge and will allow you to control and track all cylinders regardless of where or who purchased from. If not already registered please enquire with your local branch for further details including a demonstration. We are sure that you and your customers will be suitably impressed when using this new technology.

I would like to thank you for your continued support of Dean & Wood Ltd.

Kind Regards

Nick Kilner

Business Director, Dean & Wood Ltd